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Hand Crafted, American made Durable Axe and Knife throwing tripod target. Built by premium Spruce lumber. Tripod stand is built by 2x3 premium pine that has been stained with golden oak stain. Target board is Spruce, great for water absorption and swelling once sprayed down with water via a Spray bottle to promote target longevity. Target is a 4 Ring point sytem, with bullseye and "killshots". Weight is 40lbs and dimensions are 30"x2"x50". Target is equipment with weapon holder. AXES ARE NOT INCLUDED. Use thin bladed and throwing specific weapon for longevity. This target is built to be reusable, We sell replacement boards upon request. Just reach out and we'll be glad to make sure you enjoy the thrill of axe throwing for years to come! Check out our whole axe throwing target Inventory!

Tomahawk Targets - Large 4 Ring Wooden Axe and Knife Throwing Tripod Target Boar

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