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This tripod Axe, Tomahawk and Knife throwing Target stands at 4ft tall. Weighs about 70lbs. Target Board is 30”x2.5”x30”Target lumber is 2x6 spruce (perfect for blades) and frame/legs are Golden oak stained yellow Pine. Fully equipped with 2 weapon holders. Target is backed with a sound absorbing board for weapon impact. *WEAPONS NOT INCLUDED. We ship next day! We can also remove our brand and add a personalized name for a unique custom gift for an additional cost. Message us for any questions, we reply fast! 🪓

We are Tomahawk Targets LLC, we are a target and mobile axe throwing trailer company from Austin Texas. All of our targets are hand crafted and built with passion! 


Axe, Tomahawk and Knife throwing Tripod Target 4ft tall